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5 simple tips to make your property stand out!

April 30, 2018


Want to know the secrets to selling for the highest possible price? Selling your property takes time, effort and a little help from the experts. Showcasing your property in the best light will make a big difference to it’s value. 5 simple tips to make your property stand out! 1. Street Appeal First impressions count!  Mow the lawn, tidy and water the garden, plant some blooms, clean gutters, […]

High Prices at Auction

November 28, 2017


  At an auction, the seller’s minimum is known as the ‘reserve’. That’s the price at which the property can be sold. Many properties sell above reserve. When this happens, the auction is hailed as achieving a high price. True. But it is not true to say it is the highest price. It is not […]

When is the best time to sell your property?

October 11, 2017


Every season offers the seller different opportunities to market and sell their property. SPRING Spring is a popular time to sell a property as there are often more buyers entering the market as the warmer weather returns. More buyers mean more opportunities; however it also means increased competition from other sellers. Spring is a great […]

Spring - It really is 'the Selling Season'

September 4, 2017


With the arrival of Spring, the real estate market is set to blossom in a big way. Spring is traditionally referred to as “The Selling Season” and with very good reason. The arrival of the warmer weather heralds a marked increase in the number of buyers looking for that special property to enable them to […]

Keep warm AND safe this winter

June 9, 2017


Winter can be a wonderful time to indulge in warm drinks by the fire or curling up in the cool with a good book or film. In some parts of Australia this may mean open fires, or if you are lucky enough to be in warmer areas – this might just be the use of […]

Why you should consider rentvesting!

September 19, 2016

Buying Renting

Eager to enter the property market but can’t afford to buy where you want to live? It might be time to consider rentvesting. With headlines in the media often touting rising living costs and housing unaffordability, it is no surprise that many young people feel like it is impossible to enter the property market. While […]

Should you renovate before Selling?

September 6, 2016


With TV shows such as The Block and Reno Rumble gaining immense popularity in the last few years, many homeowners have been inspired to carry out their own makeovers and add value to their homes. A question our sales team at Ben Tallon Real Estate often get asked is “should we renovate before we put […]

Five mistakes to avoid when investing in property

August 9, 2016


Not doing your research When purchasing an investment property, it’s important to do your research about the location, local amenities, rental yields, vacancy rates and the property itself. While it may not always be possible, you should aim to know as much as you can about the neighbourhood you intend to invest in. Be wary […]


How to attract a good tenant and keep them

July 25, 2016


Good tenants make property investment a less stressful experience – they lead to reliable cash flow, a reduction in turnover rates, less wear and tear on the property and generally less work overall. But how do you find the perfect tenant? Once you find them, how do you keep? While there may be no magical […]

Rejecting the First Offer

July 1, 2016


High offers often come early during the selling process, however owners will often hold out in the hopes of a better deal coming along. Sellers can be  lulled into a false sense of security making the assumption that a good offer in the early stages of selling can mean an even better offer will come […]

Pricing your property: Why overpricing as a selling tactic does more harm than good.

May 23, 2016


Setting a price for your property is one of the biggest decisions you will make during the selling process. Choosing the right price gives you the greatest chance at selling your home quickly and at the best possible price. Pricing your home may sound simple, but many sellers make a mistake that causes their property […]

Mould Prevention

May 12, 2016


Mould. The very word is enough to make a person cringe. Yes, mould can be good — it’s essential in making brie and penicillin, for example, and necessary for the decomposition of organic matter in nature — but it can also be very, very bad, especially when it grows undetected in your home. Mould spores […]

The hidden cost of a cheap agent

May 5, 2016


Choosing an agent when selling your home is a big decision – this is why many people research a few different real estate agencies before they make their choice. Costs can add up quickly when selling your home, which is why some people consider hiring a discount agent to help cut costs. In theory this […]

What to look for in a listing presentation

May 2, 2016


When selling your home, an agent’s listing presentation is often the deciding factor on which agent gets the gig. It helps you get a feel for their negotiation expertise, marketing knowledge, experience and professionalism. Unfortunately, there are many agents lacking the necessary knowledge and skill to impress an owner. These agents will do and promise […]


Top 5 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

April 18, 2016


Buying your first home can be daunting both financially and emotionally.   It’s likely to be one of the biggest investments you will make, so the team at Ben Tallon Real Estate have compiled their top 5 tips to guide you.   Start saving now – house deposits can take a while to save, so it’s […]


How to Present Your Home When Selling

April 8, 2016


If you are looking to sell a property, presentation is paramount.  Here are some top tips from the team at Ben Tallon Real Estate on how to stand out in the crowd and appeal to potential buyers. First Impressions Count When a buyer approaches your house, the exterior makes the first impression. Overflowing bins, an […]